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NUVO Weight Loss in Lake Success, NY

NUVO Weight Loss is a revolutionary weight loss clinic located at 1979 Marcus Avenue, Suite 210 Lake Success, New York. We make every effort to provide a result-driven experience for each one of our clients. Our main focus is always on the expertise and care of our health providers and our unique weight loss approach.

How the NUVO Weight Loss Program Works

In 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy recognizing “obesity as a disease that requires a range of medical interventions to advance obesity treatment and prevention”. Like common health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, obesity requires individualized and often specialized care of a health professional.

This is the reason why regular approaches to weight management do not have a high success rate. Research has proven that doctor-supervised weight loss, also known as medical weight loss, methods are a safe and effective approach to losing weight and then maintaining that weight over time.

What is medical weight loss program?

This is a weight management program based on medical principles. It focuses on the root cause of weight gain and obesity to succeed reaching healthy weight for long-term under the supervision of a medical provider. Real weight loss does not consist of diet pills or surgery. It is a specialized system that uses all-natural means to achieve your weight loss goals. There are no injections, medications and consists of a balanced diet and exercise that fits your health and hormonal profile.

How the NUVO Weight Loss Program in Lake Success can Change YOU

Our way of managing your weight is very different from the commercial programs you often find. First, we utilize body composition and metabolism as true indicators of your weight loss. It is not just based on your body weight. Secondly, we prescribe hormones that are safe and specifically designed to burn fat and lose weight.

Our NUVO team has the ability to see your fat loss within the content of your unique health profile. If your current medical conditions require medications that could restrict your weight loss, we can provide a safe and effective alternative for you.

At our NUVO Weight Loss office in Lake Success, New York our health professionals are here to help you get healthy and take control of your life. For many years, our clinic has helped many patients successfully regain energy, lose weight and change lives. Our weight loss approach is a transformation of the body and mind. We want you to experience what many others already have.

In today’s high-stress society, we are used to seeking a treatment on our health problems. We often wait until a problem starts to get out of control, such as chronic pain or weight gain, and it puts your health at risk. Fatigue, pain, stress and poor nutrition can take a toll on your body and leave you feeling frustrated. NUVO can provide a holistic approach to your weight loss problems.

Are you ready to take control of your life? Book an appointment today at our Lake Success NUVO Weight Loss center. This is the best time to change your life.