Burn Calories Without Breaking a Sweat

Posted by Team Nuvo on Oct 19, 2015

 Jumping Jacks

Working out is an important part of losing weight and being fit. However, there are probably going to be some days where you just don’t have time to hit the gym or days when you sneak in an extra bite or two and need to do something extra to burn off the extra cals. On those days, don’t fear; it is possible to burn quite a few calories without doing a full-out workout (or a extra one). Believe it or not, some of these calorie burners can even be done at work or while sitting down; just remember that they’re not a substitute for the “real deal” of busting your butt at the gym.

Calorie Buster #1: Jumping Jacks

Remember your high school gym class? We bet you do, and we also bet it included quite a few jumping jacks. Well, those old-school exercises, surprisingly, are quite effective and can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Try standing up every so often and doing a minute of jumping jacks- or more if you can stand it. Do them at the office or in front of the TV or anywhere; it doesn’t matter- they’ll get your heart pumping and will burn lots of extra calories.

Calorie Buster #2: Squeeze Your Stomach

Have you ever held your stomach in to look thinner? Well, amazingly, sucking in does more than just make you look thinner. It can actually, if done enough, help you to be thinner! By tightening, holding, and releasing your abs several times throughout the day, you can burn calories and help to firm up those abdominal muscles. You can do it sitting down or standing; it doesn’t matter- just do it!

Calorie Buster #3: Take the Stairs

Whenever you have the choice between stairs and an elevator, choose the stairs. We know it might be tough when you’ve had a long day, but honestly, it’s worth it for all the extra calories you’ll burn. And, if you happen to be feeling particularly energetic, try running them, or, even better yet, going up and down the stairs multiple times.

Calorie Buster #4: Bust a Move

If you’re skipping your gym session to go out to the club, guess what? You might burn just as many calories there as you would have at the gym! Dancing around vigorously can really burn a lot of calories, so put your back into it and dance with abandon! Even if you’re not hitting up the club, dancing around your living room or your office is just as effective.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to get your heart pumping and to burn calories, so snap to it! There really is no excuse not to be active, even if it’s in a small way, every day.

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