Our Services


Using hair and saliva samples along with our proprietary bio energetic balancing scans we can energetically customize the supplements with laser like precision to help every patient attain their weight and health goals

Powerful Health Advantages

Whatever your health challenges are, by using the powerful scans that we have developed, we will need to first look at the all the factors that may have caused the problem to begin with. First we would check hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins, or minerals, along with different toxins that could affect cells and tissues. Then we would use only the highest quality supplements and nutrients to help the body balance itself inside out and detoxify itself of bacteria, viruses, metals, and toxins.

Our technology

We are constantly improving the quality of the technology and the scans that we are using to help patients with all types of health issues. These are just some of the different scan that are currently in use today. Make an appointment today to get yourself back on track to health!