The Most Sugary Foods to Avoid

Posted by Team Nuvo on Oct 3, 2015

Man avoiding a big burger

You probably already know that too much sugar is bad for you and that you should avoid consuming it in excess. Large amounts of sugar have no place in a healthy lifestyle and certainly not in a lifestyle that is designed to promote weight loss. While all high-sugar foods should be avoided, some are particularly bad because of their high sugar concentrations and because of the fact that they provide no nutritional value. While you should aim to avoid excess sugar in all its forms, we’ve provided a list of some of the absolute worst, high-sugar-content foods you should avoid.

Foods to Avoid #1: Yogurt with Added Fruit or Treats

Most people think of yogurt as a pretty healthy food, and, while it can be healthy, certain varieties definitely don’t fit that description. Steer clear of processed yogurt “treats” that contain artificial ingredients and extras, like fruit or chocolate. These types of yogurts can add up to 19 grams of sugar (or more) per serving, meaning you’re much better off with a pot of all-natural Greek yogurt.

Foods to Avoid #2: Soft Drinks

Sodas are bad all-around. Not only do they contain a lot of empty calories- around 160 per can!- but they also are filled with sugar. In fact, with the average can of soda, more than 30% of the calories come from sugar alone. Not only is this much sugar bad for your health and your weight, but it can also wreak havoc on your teeth and gums; just say no, and opt for water instead!

Foods To Avoid #3: Canned Soup

When you crack open a can of soup, you’re probably not thinking about sugar content. After all, you might think, why would soup have sugar? Well, think again! Canned soup is not only packed with bad-for-you sodium, but it also contains sugar as a preservative and often in not-so-healthy doses. The last thing you need is for sugar to sneak into your diet in unexpected ways, so skip the canned stuff and make your own instead.

Foods to Avoid #4: Candy

You probably knew this one was coming, but just in case, candy is a big no-no. Some candy varieties, like “Pixie Sticks” or “Fun Dip” are nothing but sugar and a little food coloring, and even when there are other ingredients involved, they’re typically far from healthy. Skip out on candy, and if you absolutely must have something, aim for a small chunk of dark chocolate, which at least has some health benefits, instead.

Foods to Avoid #5: Salad Dressing

Finally, be selective when it comes to choosing your salad dressing. Surprisingly, many popular brands and types contain loads of sugar! You can fight this off by making your own dressing, dressing your salad with just a dash of vinegar and/or oil, or by forfeiting the dressing altogether and going for just a simple squeeze of lemon. All of these options are a whole lot healthier.

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