The Most Common Causes of Belly Fat

Posted by Team Nuvo on Sep 3, 2015

These days, most Americans struggle with their weight, and among those who do, one of the most common complaints is stubborn belly fat that just won’t budge no matter what they do.

Belly fat can occur for many reasons, some of them genetic and some of them lifestyle-related. When it comes to weight loss experts are interested in determining each individual’s reason for developing belly fat and creating a specialized fat loss program for each individual, designed to target his or her specific needs.

If you are curious to know the cause of your belly fat (and what to do about it), enrolling in a weight loss program offers many- is the way to go. However, we’ve also provided a rundown of some of the most common causes of belly fat, and thus, the most common reasons people seek out weight loss programs.

Belly Fat Cause #1: Alcohol

When they start a weight loss plan residents are often advised to cut back on their alcohol intake, and there’s a good reason for that.

Most alcoholic beverages, especially sugary ones like beer, are very high in calories, calories that your body really can’t use for energy and that don’t do anything to satisfy hunger.

Since your body can’t do anything useful with the alcohol calories you consume, consuming too much of it can easily lead to an accumulation of fat around the belly, leading many to seek out weight loss plans.

Belly Fat Cause #2: Being Sedentary

A very common reason that people find themselves with excess belly fat and enrolling in a weight loss clinic is because of their sedentary lifestyles.

When most people hear the term “sedentary,” they think of people who are bed-ridden and barely move, but in reality, if the only exercise you get is walking to your car and then sitting at a desk all day, you’d be considered sedentary.

Sedentary people burn fewer calories than they eat, causing the body to store fat, which it often does around the mid-section.

Belly Fat Cause #3: Swigging Soda

Finally, you’re likely to find yourself joining weight loss clinics and hating your tummy if you regularly drink soda or other highly caloric carbonated beverages.

All that carbonation leads to bloating and puffiness, which can make you look like you need a weight loss center even if your actual weight is fine! Furthermore, sodas, like alcohol, are filled with empty calories that do nothing for the body except make it fatter!

If you do have belly fat that you need to get rid of, contacting weight loss centers should be your next step. And, if not, then avoiding these common causes of belly fat and striving to live a healthy, active lifestyle should greatly reduce your chances of becoming overweight and “thick-around-the-middle.”

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