How to Drink More Water Each Day

Posted by Team Nuvo on Aug 15, 2015

water glass

Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water is an important part of what we have each day. However, for a lot of people, getting in those eight glasses per day (or more!) can be a real challenge. Despite the fact that it may be challenging, there is a why people are asked to drink more water.

Not only is water healthy, but it keeps your digestive system running smoothly, flushes toxins from the body, and can help to reduce cravings for food that is not part of a healthy eating plan. If weight loss is your goal, then you should definitely start drinking more water. If you are not a water fan, have no fear! There are some great and simple tips to help you get more H2O in your life.

Tip #1: Work Your Way Up

A lot of people are being told to drink more water, make the mistake of trying to change their ways completely overnight. They will vow to just immediately start drinking their eight glasses per day.

However, big changes are hard to actually follow through on, but small ones are not. So to make your experience with drinking water more successful, start small. For the first few days, aim to drink just one or two glasses per day. Then, slowly up your intake until you have reached your eight glasses per day goal. By then, you should already be feeling so much better that you will not need any motivation to keep on chugging!

Tip #2: Get a Nice Water Bottle

Sometimes, simply investing in a water bottle that you actually like can help motivate you to drink more water. Buy a water bottle that keeps your water nice and cold, if you absolutely cannot stand warm or lukewarm water. Or, if you are motivated by style, find a pretty water bottle that looks great with all your clothes. You know yourself and the little things that make you tick, so find a water bottle that you will carry proudly and that will make you excited to drink your water.

Tip #3: Add a Little Flavor

If you are one of those people who just genuinely does not like the “taste” of water, then go ahead and add some flavor to each glass. It will make it easier to get through until you learn to like water (and you will, by the way). Try and steer clear of any sugary additions or those little packets that are full of processed junk. Instead, flavor your water with a little lemon or lime juice (zero calories), with a few pieces of fresh, sliced fruit, or with just a touch of honey (careful with this one- honey does have calories). At the end of the day, if it makes it easier to drink water without sabotaging your diet, do it! Your body needs water to achieve its weight loss goals.

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