Get Your Workplace Workout On

Posted by Team Nuvo on Oct 12, 2015

Business woman lifting weights

People come up with all kinds of excuses for not working out. One of the most common is that they work too much and are thus just “too busy.” Unfortunately, however, that excuse just doesn’t fly, not when there are so many simple, effective ways to blast the fat and get fit without ever leaving your office!

Workplace Workout #1: Cop a Squat

Squats are one of the simplest of workouts and also one of the most effective. Perhaps what’s best about them is that they don’t require any equipment, just your body and your bent knees. The next time you find yourself with a minute alone at the office or you just want to take a little break, stand up, squat like you’re sitting in a chair, and come up, squeezing your backside as you do. Repeat this as many times as you can, and you’ll burn calories and tone up your butt, hips, legs, and thighs in the process!

Workplace Workout #2: Run in Place

Another great exercise that requires absolutely no equipment is doing a little jog or run in place. Try running in place for three to five minutes, or more if you can stand it. You’ll get your heart pumping, which is not only good for you but burns quite a few calories as well. If you prefer the real thing to running in place, try taking a real run or even a walk during your lunch break.

Workplace Workout: #3 Push-ups at Your Desk

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to simply use the “equipment” available to you If your office has a desk- and what office doesn’t- use it to your advantage. Lean forward, putting your hands on the edge of the desk and putting your legs out behind you in a sort of “standing push-up” pose. Push away from the desk and back down, and then repeat. You’ll work your arms and your chest while burning calories.

Workplace Workout #4: Ballet Barre at the Office

You can also use your desk as a ballet barre; in fact, it doesn’t even have to be a desk. A counter-top or tabletop will do the trick as well. You can do bends, plies, and all kinds of leg exercises and stretches just by using your “barre,” whatever it may be, for balance and support.

Workplace Workout #5: Work those Abs

One of the places that people most want to tone is the abs, and it’s actually easier than you might think. Squeezing your abs regularly, while sitting or standing, holding, and then releasing repeatedly will tighten and tone the abs, as will crunches, which you can do while sitting at your desk or sprawled out on the floor. No matter how you do it or any of these exercises, the key is to put in effort no matter where you are; a gym is not required for getting fit!

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