Fat Burner Exercise Tips

Posted by Team Nuvo on Oct 14, 2015

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Often times, people who are trying their very hardest to lose weight will still complain that they just plain aren’t burning enough fat. Working out every day at the gym and eating healthily yet still having that “tire” around your waist can be very frustrating. More often than not, this is due to not doing the right types of exercises While any exercise and is beneficial, sometimes it takes just the right combination of particular exercises and particular foods to really blast the fat off!

Fat Burner #1: Skating

If you’re like most adults, then you might struggle to remember the last time you found yourself strapped into a pair of skates. However, remember that you’re never too old to go skating, and you won’t care about age once you realize how much fat skating can burn! Skating can burn around 400 calories in just a half hour, and it’s great for targeting fatty deposits near the thighs, butt, and around the core. So, what are you waiting for? Bust out that old pair of skates today!

Fat Burner #2: Lift Weights

When people are trying to lose weight, they sometimes shy away from lifting weights, fearing it will make them too big and bulky. However, lifting weights is wonderful because not only does it tighten up flab, but it also burns calories and gets your heart pumping in the process. No matter how much cardio you’re already doing, and yes cardio is necessary for weight loss, you’ll see better results much more quickly if you add a little lifting into the mix. You can even add dumbbells into your regular cardio routines to make it a better fat burner.

Fat Burner #3: Running

Walking is a great exercise, but when it comes to a fat burning exercise, nothing beats running. Running, much like skating, burns a lot of calories in just a little time. To really maximize the fat burning power of this exercise, alternate between minutes of moderate jogging and full-out running. You’ll improve your endurance and burn more fat and calories this way.

Fat Burner #4: Don’t Base Your Progress on the Scale

This last one isn’t really a fat burner tip as much as it’s a tip for recognizing when you have burned fat. See, a lot of people get frustrated and give up when they’re working hard and yet not seeing the scale budge. However, fat loss doesn’t always show itself through pounds lost. Sometimes, instead of disappearing, fat gets turned into muscle, which means that the scale might stay in the same place but you’ll still look and feel a whole lot better! So, don’t blow your diet just because you don’t like what the scale says- you’re probably making more progress than you think!

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