Eat to Your Heart’s Content: The Lowest Calorie Vegetables

Posted by Team Nuvo on Sep 9, 2015

When you’re on a diet, there aren’t many foods that you can have “as much as you want” of and still lose weight. Fortunately, however, a lot of vegetables do fall into this category. They are so low in calories and so good for you that, even if you eat a ton of them, they’re not likely to harm your weight loss progress. Bear in mind that this doesn’t apply to all vegetables, however. Some veggies, like beans and corn, are actually quite calorie dense. Others, though, will fit well into all diet programs, even if you eat them constantly and in large amounts.

Low-Cal Veggie #1: Celery

Celery really is a miracle vegetable. Even if you were to eat a few large stalks, you’d still likely consume fewer than 20 or 30 calories or so, which is quite negligible when you consider all that you’re getting. Celery also contains large amounts of water, so you’re upping your water intake when you indulge in this treat, which can help to flush out your system and get rid of pesky water weight.

Just make sure that you don’t dip celery in the wrong things. Dipping it in high-calorie ranch dressing, for example, will completely derail your diet! Smarter dipping choices include salsa, lemon juice, mustard, or a smidge of Italian dressing.

Of course, you can also eat it plain, which is best, or add diced celery to any dish to make it more filling and delicious.

Low-Cal Veggie #2: Lettuce

Lettuce is another vegetable that is incredibly low in calories. You can enjoy any type you like, though some lettuces, such as Arugula, are better for you nutritionally speaking. Iceburg lettuce, for example, provides pretty much zero nutrition.

However, the same rules apply as they do with celery. High calorie dressings and dips are going to keep this treat from being guilt free, but when you’re making your salads, you definitely don’t have to worry about how much lettuce you’re using.

Low-Cal Veggie #3: Cucumber

Cucumbers are another great vegetable choice. A very large cucumber only has about 40 calories, and that’s if you eat the entire thing. Make a cucumber sandwich, slice cucumbers into your favorite salad, or just eat it plain with a little salt for a delicious, refreshing snack or meal.

And yes, pickles DO count as cucumbers, but beware- they have high sodium content, so you definitely don’t want to get too many of these treats.

As you can see, there are lots of vegetables that fit very well into any diet that can really save you when you get the urge to eat a lot. Indulge in these and other low-calorie vegetables and you should stay nice and full without packing on the pounds.

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