Don’t Drink Your Calories, Eat Them

Posted by Team Nuvo on Oct 1, 2015

diet food set, round table full with vegetarian food with rice

It is important that you keep your consumption of calories in check and don’t go over the amount recommended to achieve goals. Unfortunately, that can often be easier said than done. Many people, for example, often forget to pay attention to the number of calories they’re drinking, and that’s a grave mistake since many drinks can have more calories than food or at least just as many. To make sure you’re eating your calories, and not drinking them all up, it’s important to be aware of which beverages are the most calorie-laden and should thus be avoided.

Bad Beverage #1: Sugary Coffee and Fancy Frappes

Coffee is good because it has no calories. The catch, however, is that it has no calories ONLY when it’s consumed plain or black. Anything you add to it, like cream or sugar, ups the calorie count. Furthermore, you should cut down most of the fancier coffees at your local or chain coffee shop, such as frappes. Many of these beverages can offer up more than 500 calories and often contain bad-for-you extras like whipped cream and caramel. Try to drink your coffee black or adding only all-natural, calorie-free sugar substitutes.

Bad Beverage #2: Long Island Iced Tea

Having a drink or two with dinner can be nice…but it can also be bad for your health. Alcoholic drinks can be very high in terms of their calorie counts, and to make matters even worse, too many of them often lead to lowered inhibitions and thus more snacking. While there are plenty of high alcoholic drink options, calorie-wise, a Long Island Iced Tea is one of the worst drinks you can order. It has a lot of alcohol and one glass can have close to 800 calories.

Bad Beverage #3: Some Smoothies

Most people think of smoothies as pretty healthy. After all, they contain fruit, and that’s healthy, or so we think. While one or two pieces of fruit is healthy, a smoothie isn’t just one or two pieces of fruit. More often than not, especially if you get it from a chain, it’s got a lot of fruit, all mashed up, and a lot of fruit juice, making it into a high-calorie beverage. Yes, they are “healthy” calories, but whether you are eating too many calories in steak, or too many calories in fruit, the result is still the same: weight gain. To make smoothies healthier, make them at home where you can control and monitor exactly how many calories they have.

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