Deadly Diet: Signs You’re Taking Weight Loss Too Far

Posted by Team Nuvo on Oct 16, 2015


When you’re overweight, striving to lose weight and be healthier is a very positive thing. Believe it or not, however, even the healthiest of pursuits can turn into obsessions if you let them. It’s important to get healthy, but it’s also important to be aware of the signs that you may be taking your diet too far and, in the process, doing your body more harm than good.

Sign #1: Rapidly Losing Weight

For overweight people, losing weight super fast can sound like a dream come true. However, losing weight too quickly (usually more than 3 or so pounds per week) is an indicator that you aren’t eating enough and that you’re doing damage to your body. If you’re starving yourself or engaging in some crazy fad diet, stop! The best and most effective way to lose weight and actually keep it off is to lose weight slowly and healthily, making sure that you’re taking in enough calories each day and meeting all of your body’s nutritional requirements.

Sign #2: You’re Obsessed with the Scale

A lot of dieters use the scale as a measure of their success, but this habit really isn’t healthy…or accurate. The scale can tell you your weight, but it can’t tell you if you’ve gained muscle and lost fat or how much water weight you’re carrying. As such, it’s really not the best measure of how you’re doing health-wise. What’s even worse is that some dieters develop an unhealthy obsession with the scale, beating themselves up when it reads higher than usual or indulging in unhealthy food as a “reward” for a low reading. If you’re letting the scale dictate your moods and your diet, then you’ve definitely ventured into unhealthy territory.

Sign #3: You Work Out Like Crazy

Typically, hitting the gym is a good thing, but if you’re positively obsessed with working out and put it above everything else, including your health, you’re in the danger zone. If you find yourself skipping out on social functions in order to work out, feeling angry or irritable when your gym plans get messed up, or working out even when you’re injured or very sore, it’s time to dial things back a notch and to get your priorities in check.

Sign #4: Skipping Meals

Finally, if you find yourself skipping meals because you want to reach a certain weight loss goal or just plain not eating, it’s definitely time to get it together. In fact, experiencing any of these signs means you could use some help. You may want to talk to a professional about your struggles with food and weight, especially if you find that you’re having trouble getting back to true healthy eating on your own.

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