Top Fat Burning Foods

Posted by Team Nuvo on Jul 27, 2015

Even if you have been watching your diet and exercising regularly, you might not be seeing the results you want. Most diets do not include fat burning foods, which means that body changes slowly appear, as a result of exercise. However, if you want to increase your weight loss quickly, there are several types of fat burning foods that you can eat on a daily basis. Adding even one food can boost your results, and make them appear faster. Of course, there are also several different types of fat burning foods. There are foods that:

  • Burn calories while being digested,
  • Burn fat,
  • Maintain your metabolism
  • Suppress your appetite

Burning Calories

Some foods are harder to digest than others, and as a result, burn more calories while being digested. These fat burning foods include whole grains, lean meats, and grapefruit. Whole grains burn twice as many calories as processed grains when being broken down. This is especially potent in grains rich in fiber, like brown rice and oatmeal. Lean meats burn around 30 percent of their caloric content during digestion. That means if you eat a lean meat that has 90 calories, 30 calories are burned during digestion. The white parts of a grapefruit have high amount of soluble fiber, which is difficult for your body to break down.

Burning Fat

Of course, some foods are just good at burning fat. These are foods like hot peppers, eggs, broccoli rabe, and cinnamon. Hot peppers, like chili peppers, contain a compound known as capsaicin. Capsaicin heats up your overall body temperature, and helps to melt calories. Eggs help you build muscle. The higher your muscle percentage, the more calories your body burns while resting. Broccoli rabe contains a phytonutrient called sulforaphane. This specific nutrient communicates with the enzymes in your fat cells and tells them to burn fat. Cinnamon helps move glucose into your cells quickly, which means that insulin doesn’t stick around in your body. You do need to consume at least a quarter of a teaspoon to get benefits though.

Maintaining Metabolism

Foods like green tea, lentils, and Brazil nuts can help boost or maintain your metabolism throughout the day. Green tea contains a compound called EGCG, which helps to temporarily speed up your metabolism. One cup of lentils has 35 percent of daily iron requirements. This is good news, since 20 percent of Americans have some amount of iron deficiency. When your body is lacking in a nutrient, it cannot perform effectively, which slows down your metabolism. Brazil nuts help boost your metabolism by converting your thyroid hormone to an active form.

Suppressing Appetite

Appetite suppressants help control the amount of food that you’re eating. Less food overall equals less calories that have to be burned. Foods like kale, oysters, pumpkin, and sardines decrease your appetite. Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables, a superfood, and helps to suppress your appetite and clear toxins from your body. Oysters are not only low in calories, but also the richest dietary source of zinc. Meeting daily zinc requirements helps to decrease your appetite and any PMS induced cravings. Pumpkin is packed full of fiber, and helps to slow down your digestion, and keep you feeling full longer. Sardines are incredibly easy to eat, as they require no cooking. They also led to an increase in leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite.

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