Soda – Ruining Your Nutrition?

Posted by Team Nuvo on Jul 24, 2015

Many of us know the basics of nutrition. Consume your vitamins, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and avoid foods with additives if possible. However, people don’t often think about their soda habit. Drinking soda on a daily basis can wreak havoc on your body, and is often counterproductive to your nutritional efforts. The effects of soda are caused by many different components, including the calorie content and harmful chemicals contained in most sodas. The top five reasons that you should stop drinking soda are because soda:

  • Causes fat to build around your organs
  • Contains toxic materials
  • Prematurely ages you
  • Stops weight loss
  • Ruins your teeth

Soda Causes Fat Buildup

A study led by Danish researchers showed the individuals who drank soda on a regular basis had an increase in hidden fats that are harmful to the body1. These fats are called hidden fats, because they are impossible to see with the naked eye. The study compared the effects of drinking regular soda, diet soda, milk, and water every day for six months. Individuals who drank the regular soda had a 142 percent increase in their liver fat, 117 to 221 percent increase in their skeletal fat, and 30 percent increase in their triglyceride blood fats, and other organ fats. These effects may be even worse for soda drinkers in America. American sodas are often sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to higher amounts of fat buildup.

Soda Contains Toxic Materials

On the way to achieving healthy nutrition, many people cut out food additives. However, they may be consuming materials that are even more toxic by drinking soda on a regular basis. Brominated vegetable oil, also known as BVO, is a toxic flame retardant used in many sodas to keep the flavoring from separating. Europe and Japan have already banned soda companies from using BVO, but many North American companies still use it. BVO can be found in sodas like Dr. Pepper, Seven Up, Squirt, and Mountain Dew.

Soda Prematurely Ages You

Many people spend a fortune to keep looking young, but the effects of soda may reverse that process. In a study published by the American Journal of Public Health2, results from over five thousand adults should that regularly consuming soda ages white blood cells. The results also showed that drinking soda led to health impacts similar to smoking, and that soda drinkers put themselves at a higher risk for low bone density, teeth erosion, kidney problems, and diabetes.

Soda Is Counteractive to Weight Loss

Watching your nutrition, consuming healthy food, and exercising can all be for nothing if you regularly consume soda. One can of Coca-Cola contains 160 calories. These are calories that people often don’t realize they are drinking, and can cause their nutrition plans to be ruined. Consuming one can of Coca-Cola a day would lead to an extra 4,800 calories a month. Over a year? 57,600 calories. This is the equivalent of 16.8 extra pounds, which many people don’t even realize they are putting on.

Soda Ruins Your Teeth

Colored sodas, like Coca-Cola, are fully capable of staining your teeth. While this is a cosmetic issue, it’s one that many people worry about on a daily basis. Soda also causes tooth erosion, which is more than a cosmetic issue. This erosion is caused by the combination of the sugary soda and your natural acids. They mix together, and form acid, which attacks your teeth and weakens your tooth enamel.

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